kelly lasserre

art / illustration / hand-lettering

recently finished working on these window displays for saks fifth avenue in new york city - helped design, plan, and hand paint the coast of santorini on 56 panels, for display in all 32 windows

several drawings in toronto life magazine - this is one spread of six

an illustration for aritzia i forgot to post - about clothing problems and how to solve them

bottles on my desk, on an envelope from a friend

masks, tools and whistles - drawn from natural history museum

dead plants and dirt pile sketch

quick sketch of self, sleepy in floral stretchpants with dirty summer feet

some illustrations from the last few “must-have” guides for the ladies over at bonberi

annunciation street - new orleans

lonely chain link fence drawing, left justified

my friend nik alerted me today to this house tour on apartment therapy that includes my
'all the bearded men in my life' print

(a bearded man in my life of which he is). 
neat neat thanks!

check it out here ~

dead plant / smartass 

a little painting i did for day job - a publication being released by taryn cowart and corbin lamont, featuring work from 40 female contemporary artists/writers/designers about making work and making a living.

~ i just left this job though ~

new painting of an old shirt
gouache on paper