kelly lasserre

art & illustration. hand lettering. objects. all that stuff.

a little painting i did for day job - a publication being released by taryn cowart and corbin lamont, featuring work from 40 female contemporary artists/writers/designers about making work and making a living.

~ i just left this job though ~

new painting of an old shirt
gouache on paper

illustrations in the most recent issue of uppercase magazine ~

i got caught
acrylic gouache on paper

just a little line from a jack gowdlock song ‘rollin dough blues’

i recently received a copy of ‘playing with sketches' by whitney sherman, a drawing book that features many examples of my work throughout. there are a lot of great illustrators in here, including my very talented friend na kim - thanks whitney!

so i won five dollars on this scratch ticket two years ago and i’m wondering if they will still give me the money when i go home for the holidays this year ~ five dollars isn’t nothing
gouache on paper

i received this little drawing book that i am in today 

gouache on paper

i’ll have some illustrated recipes featured every so often over on bonberi - you should go take a look at their other food things as well, they look pretty delicious

painted all the empty / expired / disgusting things in my fridge

my spread for work/life 3: the uppercase directory of illustration featuring 100 international illustrators. based on interviews about our creative processes, personal interests, inspiration and backgrounds, we were given a specific assignment to illustrate- i was asked to show a collection of everyday objects in my home that tells a little something about myself.
which i suppose just reveals that i’m a simple gal. 

also available for purchase here.

x k